Monday, 11 May 2015

Bank of England Museum

Our last London visit is to the Bank of England Museum which is free.

I could have done with a longer pootle round as it is full of interesting facts and interactive areas.  I did manage to lift the real gold bar just a teeny bit and wasn't put off by all the CCTV watching me do it! I was expecting to be searched on the way out. Mind you it weighed 28lbs and at that minute was worth over £310,000.

It was good to see the coins and notes from my childhood and those from a little earlier from 1694.
All the real gold bars stacked neatly in the vault - you can only see this virtually

There's the gold bar you can try and lift, you put your hand through the opening

You can buy a gold bar money box in the shop, sadly not the real thing ! Above is real though.

Assorted troy weights and scales

Looking up to the ceiling. Sir John Soane designed the Bank of England, there's a statue of him incorporated into the outer wall.  However, more space was needed and his building was demolished apart from the curtain wall and a 7 storey building was built in it's place by Herbert Barker.

Originally on the outside of the Bank, the 12 caryatids are now in the Museum

Original banknotes from the 1690s

I really should have had an hour to do justice to the exhibits and will have to return another day.

Just round the cornerish is Fenchurch Street so I thought I might as well have a look at the Sky Garden but didn't realise you needed a reservation so will have to be more organised next time.  Mind you the building looks awfully high . . .

Not this one!

Not this one with wings outside!

It looks like a cheese grater, but the Sky Garden is up there somewhere!

So tall

A bus in the window

Back home again now.

Hope you enjoyed the visits and have found a few more places to explore.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a fascinating place to visit! Must have been exciting to see all that gold and to have a go lifting the bar up. I imagine that children would love going somewhere like this! xx

    1. Yes there were more things for children to do than I thought there would be, even a film of the vaults with a gold bar character narrated by Stephen Fry! Whatever next! x

  2. It looks like you had a fun and busy day out! I've never been to the Bank of England museum, so shall add it to my list of places in London we've yet to visit. Such an amazing,stimulating place, but I'm always glad to get back to my little corner of the world after a day there :)
    Cathy x

    1. I'm not surprised with all those tulips about! x