Sunday, 31 May 2015

La Vida Loacker

Have you tried these chocolate biscuits?

I have had to eat one to show you what they look like inside! What a pity!!  There is a good balance between the smooth chocolate outside, crispy wafers and cream in between. Yum!

Loacker is an Italian company, originally set up as a family business in 1925.

For me, they are for special occasions only especially when the supermarket has reduced the price.  Something to look forward to!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Wisley - Plants

Hello all!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, it's so wonderful to hear from you.

Yesterday we saw a few unusual trees at the RHS Gardens at Wisley and here are some more beautiful plants, a tiny selection from the 240 acre site.  It's difficult to know where to start as I could really have gone crazy with the camera, the place is packed full with the unusual and colourful but even on a bright sunny day at half term with a full car park, the gardens didn't feel crammed with people - there's plenty of room for everyone.

The beautiful house with the canal in the foreground

Fatsia japonica berries

Fatsia japonica

Colourful azaleas with the toona tree in the background, needless to say all the rhododendrons were out as well.

Lots of iris in the trial beds being tested to see which performs the best.

bees enjoying the alliums

The good thing about Sisley is that all the plants are labeled, however you have to remember to look at them! Sadly I don't know what this is!





variegated hibiscus

green flowering vine inside the glasshouse which really clashes with its own leaves!

Snazzy trunk

Competition for local schools to create their own Wonderland garden

Henry Moore King and Queen

So many fabulous things to see, each season brings something new.  Well worth a visit.  Free with an RHS card or £13 an adult.  There are a couple of cafes, shops, courses, events.

Thanks for calling in.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Wisley Trees - Five on Friday

It's Five on Friday time and I'm joining in with Amy from Love Made My Home and all the others, do have a look at their posts by following the link.

Thanks to my dear friend, I have enjoyed a trip to the RHS gardens at Wisley this week on a glorious sunny day so my Five on Friday is based on the exciting and unusual trees we came across.

1. Citrus tangelo

The Orlando tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit and is very juicy.  We found this inside the Glasshouse.

2. Cornus Kousa- possibly Wisley Queen

The flowers are the tiddly bobbly things in the middle of the creamy bracts.  The leaves are purple/red in the autumn and the bracts change to pink with red fruits.

3. Abutilon Jermyns

4. Handkerchief Tree - Davidia Involucrata - Also known as the Dove Tree or Ghost tree.

5. Toona Sinensis Flamingo - Chinese mahogany

These pink leaves change colour to creamy yellow and then to green and are deciduous.

5. Ravenala Madagascariensis

Rain collects in the leaves way up the top and runs all the way down providing a drink caught at the bottom.  It is known as the Travellers Tree or Travellers Palm and is a member of the Bird of Paradise family.

Fantastic aren't they!

Tomorrow I'll put on a few more plants from Wisley as I would definitely overstep the five needed for today - mind you I did sneak an extra one in by having two number fives!! How naughty am I!

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

This week's garden round-up

 Just recording the progress - or not - this week.

Wildflower lawn

Radish and Rocket

Chillies and Marigolds




Tall wild ox-eye daisies, seeds from verges

This really is white honestly

Livingstone daisies
Come on plants - get a move on!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sing a Song of Cygnets

Those of you regular readers (!) will no doubt remember my Parklife Five on Friday post and here we are two weeks on, in the same place, looking for the new kids on the block.

Yellow roses now open and ready for bee business

Rather nice colour leaves unfolding on this tree.

A few wildflowers mixing in together

Rock roses

Good old gunnera by the lake

A clump of clover

Bog Iris with one of the baby moorhens mooching about.

A coot enjoying the grass
The swan's eggs have hatched and there are now three cygnets swimming about with their parents

and a metal frog sitting on a metal bull.
That's all for now folks!

Thanks for calling in.