Thursday, 23 April 2015


Every time I visit the V&A in London  I find something different to look at, it is a veritable treasure trove.  Here is the website for further information.  The tunnel from South Kensington tube station provides a traffic free route into the Museum and naturally we made a bee line for a cup of coffee to plan our visit.

Exhibition Road side of the building, a beautiful building, designed by Aston Webb in 1899 and opened in1909 although the Museum started in various guises as early as 1857

Statues of Victorian artists adorn the niches between first floor windows on the East side of the building. Here is the artisit GF Watts , see my blog post about his gallery in Surrey

and here is Lord Leighton, see my blog post about his house.

Front entrance

Pretty trays . . .

. . . and cups in the cafe outside
Having decided on starting with the third floor, we set off to look at the stained glass, jewellery, paintings, tapestries and costumes.

Although in the silver/stained glass section, this amazing glass font 'Ichthys Font' by Colin Reid is well worth viewing, this photo just doesn't do the optical glass justice.  From different angles you can see fish and a glass pool.  It looks such a tactile piece, but alas you can't touch it.

I managed to find another John Piper window - a traditional subject this time of Christ between Sts Peter and Paul (middle window)
The fabulous tapestries are kept in a darkened room to preserve their colours, so my photos are rather dark as I didn't want to use the flash. Tapestry is an early form of weaving and these date from the 1400 and 1500s, originated from the Netherlands and belonged to Bess of Hardwick - see my blog post about her here.  The tapestries are huge, so below are details from them.

Devonshire Hunting Tapestries

This lady is looking rather suspicious as she is Altropos, one of the Three Fates representing death and is standing on the fallen Chastity.  It is a fragment from a larger tapesty.

The jewellery was stunning but no photos allowed.

On Saturday I'll share the costumes with you.

I hope you've enjoyed the trip so far!

See you soon and thanks for popping by.

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