Monday, 13 April 2015

Modern Art Oxford

It's best to start off with a cup of coffee when visiting a Gallery, especially when you've just walked five miles and all the local hostelries are closed for the season. Modern Art Oxford was established in 1965 and is a venue showing cutting edge international and contemporary exhibitions as well as a cafe, juice bar and shop.

As part of the 'Year of Mexico in the UK', the Mexican artist Debora Delmar Corp. has created Upward Mobility using sculpture, video, digital collage and installation 'to examine the ways in which commodity culture structures our everyday life and routines.'  The room was full of green hedges, kitchen counter tops, Mexican products and mass produced items.  I didn't stop long in here but see the website for more information.

The second exhibition was entitled Test Run: Performance in Public, which focused on the etiquette of public spaces and was mainly video or photographic.  A few things caught my eye.

Jeremy Deller, known among other things for his 2012 Sacrilege, a Stonehenge bouncy castle, exhibits a video of The Battle of Orgreave 2001 - a re-enactment of the confrontation between the National Union of Mineworkers and Police in 1984 following their longer than a year strike.  800 people took part in the re-enactment including some of the people that had been involved in the original battle.

I think this is Sisyphus Now by Alicia Frankovich, it was fun to see the group react to the lady with the camera.

Lilly McElroy - The Square - Interesting to watch the passers'-by reactions to her being stuck in the square.

Horses mane's and hoof high-heeled shoes
Rose English's Quadrille, six women - dressed as horses taking part in dressage - wearing horses manes and hoof high-heeled shoes, at an outdoor horse show in Southampton.

I only saw a snippet from each of the films and I missed the one from the Theatre of Mistakes - The Street 1975 - which  involved some performers in first floor windows closing or opening of windows depending on which side of the street passers-by walked on, or performers in the street falling down.

It's all rather crackers really!

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