Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fresh air

Having messed about with putting the blog on bloglovin', it was time to take action and get some fresh air with a big dollop of sunshine.  Where to go though?  The best thing was to forget the fancy parks and gardens, leave the car at home and just wander around because it is all fantastically there on your doorstep as long as you're not in a panic rushing past it all.

Red tipped Photinia hedging



The magpie and the lamb


Willow catkins

Red flowering currant

Baby pine trees

Just to prove I was actually there!

Silver birch tunnel

Dandelion and dandelion clock

A rather fuzzy violet



Daffs from Lidls!  Cheating.
A colourful walk and 11,000 steps on the old pedometer.  Time to get the kettle on plus, perhaps, a tiny weeny chocolate biscuit.

See you another day.

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