Sunday, 8 March 2015


Do you remember when the Wii was the latest thing?  Did you have a lot of boys enthusiastically playing tennis in the sitting room?  How many lampshades did you go through?

Somehow we lost two out of seven shades and we haven't found any replacements over the years.  Bulbs have come and gone from traditional and candle through energy savers, helix, fast-start, candle, daylight saver, to LED.  They have proudly produced their light without a shade, waiting for the Right One to come along.

So, now it is their time to shine.

These are lampshades under construction.  They have been tested with low energy bulbs and don't get hot, I wouldn't recommend you trying this without doing lots of temperature tests.

They started life like this:

Obviously, they look rather silly like this, so the next task was to remove the pattern.  How to do this?  Well, not by sanding.  It takes a mere 5 minutes when placed in water to soak first, as what appears as paint is actually printed paper which rubs off easily once a vertical line is scratched with a brillo pad.

cleaned pots with a plug made of the paper removed from 9 pots

Then you have to cut a circle of plastic from the base to open it up et voilà a lampshade!  It's a bit short though, so another pot is popped inside.

They just need painting now.

Meanwhile, here's an update on the squares.  I'm starting to join them together, because frankly we couldn't reach the curtains without treading on them.

Here's a film I got for Christmas which we have only just got round to watching.

The blurb says it's 'A moving portrait of peasant life in turn-of-century Lombardy and using a cast on non-actors, this is one of the last great examples of Italian neo-realist cinema.'  The three hours shot by, although there is only every day action of how some people used to live, there are also sub-titles (handy).

Bye for now, it's tea-time again.

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