Tuesday, 31 March 2015

London Wetland Centre

Continuing my suggestions for places to visit in London, the other ideas are in the Trips section, how about the London Wetland Centre!  Looking at their website today, I see they are organising a Giant Easter Duck Hunt at the moment.

I visited in August and thoroughly enjoyed the trip which was again by train plus a lot of walking.  At the time, I felt the cafe's range of snacks could do with some improvement but there were lots of families tucking in.

Here are a few snaps:

The WWT is by the Thames in Barnes.

It's a haven for wildlife in London, birds have somewhere to drop in and refresh.

Otters skirmishing about  ...

. . . or having a snooze

There are loads of different birds to see in the various zones.

Wild flowers and grasses

Lillies on the pond

Indoor treats/learning for children

Gardening suggestions

Ideas to help out the insects

Lots for hides for the serious birdwatcher

Ecological ideas

Children's play areas

This is not real!!

Birds taking flight

Summer flowers
It's the sort of place that will be different every time you visit.  It must be just as spectacular in the winter with all the water frozen and the birds sliding about on top.

There are other Wetland Centres around the UK creating great habitats for our wildlife.

Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Nice of you to pop by.

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