Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nuffield Place

As well as our window hunt yesterday, we managed to refuel at Nuffield Place, previously the home of William Morris (not the wallpaper man, the car designer) now National Trust. A delicious slice of Blackcurrant and Apple cake and a cuppa was the order of the day.

William Morris was a very interesting and philanthropic man. He was a pioneer of affordable cars like the Morris Minor and whilst he became a multimillionaire, he and his wife lived a non-extravagent lifestyle. He became Viscount Nuffield in 1938 and over his lifetime, he gave away £30 million, the equivalent of £700 million today.
Here's more about him here.

Nuffield Place

This floor covering is a hardwearing mat featuring a photograph of the carpet and floor area in the room. It is laid on top of the original carpet to protect it. The tassels shown above are part of the photo and you can see where the edge of the mat doesn't quite line up with the wooden floor.


Picture of Morris cars


Emerging alien plants!

Hairy leaves
The house is an Arts and Crafts house but decorated and modernised in 1950 fashion. It is largely left as it was and it's interesting to see the cupboard full of tools in his bedroom. Here's the National Trust website.

We also nipped into Grey's Court as well to check out their winter garden.

Beautiful bulb display which looks rubbish in this photo!
It will be worth going back there again in a couple of months when all the flowers are out.