Saturday, 28 February 2015

Make It Knit & Stitch 2015

'You will forgive me if I say that you are to me as an open book, my dear Watson, and that with every movement, you turn another page.' With that we arrive at North Camp station ready for another day on the Loving Hands stand at the Knit &Stitch Exhibition.

Sherlock is tucked into my bag next to my marmalade toast and wool as I walk up the road over the flyover past the Wild Wild Western Wear shop, the Motorbike Shop, the Art-of-Craft, the hairdressers etc. to the top of the hill, round the corner by the Holiday Inn, over the road and through security and into the giant tent that holds the Exhibition. You wouldn't realise it was a tent until the wind gets up and the ropes begin to clank against the metal struts and the building starts to sway.  Every year after the exhibition season, it's taken down, stored and then when Planning Permission is granted for the following year, up it goes again in January, taking a month to get it securely in place again.

Inside, there are lots of colourful wares on display at the moment.

Loving Hands received even more donations today from people that had found the Stand last year. They had spent the year knitting and crocheting and had turned up this year loaded with woolly items for us to send on to those in need.

 Thank you so much.

Back on the train after a long day's crocheting, Sherlock Holmes, in the guise of Benedict Cumberbatch yet with the words of Anthony Horowitz, who's having a day off from Foyle's War, is taking everything in his stride.

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