Sunday, 8 February 2015


With one freezer down and awaiting repair, it is time to dry the frozen chillies stored since last summer in the overflow/Christmas freezer so that I can store a few other items. It's much easier to store the chillies in a kilner jar after drying them in the oven on a low temperature until they are crispy and turn into chilli flakes.

All the chilli plants were planted in March 2014 and carefully nurtured until their glorious colourful fruits were ready for picking. There are hundreds of varieties of all different shapes and sizes, colours and heat strengths .  We started with one chilli plant bought for us by our son from the West Dean Chilli Fiesta

Little did we know that the garden would be turned into a chilli plantation! They start out like this:

Maybe these might be marigolds? 

After a lot of attention from the man of the house, they eventually turn into these gorgeous plants. 

The varieties include: Serrano, Apache, Golden Cayenne, Razzmatazz, Michaels Magic, Lancashire Firecracker, Medusa, Red Capsicums, Fairylights.

So exciting to see them all change colour through the season. I can't wait to see this year's crop! We've a few different ones to try out.

What do you do with them all? Well, I've heard this a few times! Plenty of things - make chilli jam courtesy of Nigella, give them away, freeze them, turn them into chilli flakes or chilli powder, eat them, look at them, cook them, turn them into Christmas floral arrangements ........ See loads of things.

Here's the final result of the drying.

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