Thursday, 26 February 2015


We are off to Shrewsbury today, the county town of Shropshire near the Welsh Borders. 

The River Severn circles the town almost making an island of it, offering beautiful views and walks.

The English Bridge with the United Reformed Church

Shrewsbury Abbey, where the fictional Cadfael stories are set

The centre is packed with black and white timber framed buildings as well as a Castle and an Abbey and retains its medieval street pattern with many narrow streets and passages. Many of the street names are unusual and have remained unchanged for centuries - Butcher Row, Longden Coleham, Dogpole, Mardol, Frankwell, Roushill, Grope Lane, Gullet Passage, Murivance, The Dana, Portobello, Bear Steps, Shoplatch and Bellstone.

Small 'shuts' or streets and passages

Black and white timber framed buildings in the main street

The Public Library used to be Shrewsbury School which Darwin attended.

Statue of Darwin outside the library

 There are a great many bridges and churches in Shrewsbury, all of different styles, offering a spire round every corner.

St Mary's Church, now redundant, with one of the tallest spires in England.

In 1739 Robert Cadman a showman and performer attempted to slide head first from the spire using a rope and a grooved breastplate to a meadow across the Severn.  He performed tricks on the way up, however on his way down the rope broke and he fell to his death, there is a memorial plaque in the church.

Shrewbury Castle, now a regimental museum.

View of the Abbey from the Castle.

Outside the Castle gates

Market Place

Cafe in the Museum and Art Gallery

St Chads Church where Darwin was baptised.  A gravestone for Dickens' Ebenezer Scrooge remains in the Churchyard, left over from filming of the 1984 Christmas Carol film.

The Quarry in the town has been turned into a beautiful park.
Quarry Park

The Dingle, in the Quarry park, created by BBC Gardener Percy Thrower when he worked as the Parks Superintendent.

I like the name of this antique shop - Junk 'n Disorderly

By the river

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