Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Reading Town Hall, Museum and Art Gallery


Thanks for popping in.

Reading Museum has been undergoing a big reorganisation over the last year making each visit a surprise as to what you might find this time.  The whole reception area was boarded off with explorers having to enter by another door.  Still no café, I'm hoping that next time a super-duper one will be unveiled!

The updated exhibition room looks more established now, exhibits rearranged, new items added, colourful displays and information guides.  Arts in Asia: in India's image, a multimedia exhibition of the region's Indian inspired architectural gems, offers much to explore including a reconstruction of the Maharajah's Well in Stoke Row between Reading and Oxford below.

Some older reminders of Reading's past include the café advertising sign and ice cream for the Regent Café which used to be at 55 St Mary's Butts.  When the developer's entered the café in 1989, they found a perfectly preserved ice cream factory from 1950, still iced up and containing some somewhat unappetising ice cream!

 Dominic Madden's artwork is part of the collection of works connected to the Reading area from the Reading Foundation for Art.  If you see this painting close up, you can see the paint had been applied to newsprint.

This beautiful textile shawl has been inspired by Indian shawls but made in Scotland.

Hope Street by  Leslie Windsor from 1959 captures a street that was demolished to build the Butts Centre (Broad Street Mall).

Outside the flowers were outstanding.

Always a great place to pop in and learn something.


Monday, 15 July 2019

Butterflies and Wildflowers


Thanks for flying in.

What a year!  The meadows near here have been stunning, you might have noticed I keep posting about them!  I've had a bit more luck with my  butterfly photos, perseverance and sunny days have done the trick, oh and not getting too excited and wobbly when trying to focus.  I've had to do a bit of searching online to be able to name these beauties and hopefully I've come up with the correct ones, do let me know if I've gone off-piste.

A bee on tufted vetch


Meadow Brown on maybe wild carrot, not sure.

Marbled White butterfly on red clover

Ringlet butterfly

Painted lady butterfly, if only I'd been round the other side.

A Silver-washed fritilliary as above surprised us all by flying into the house!  I chased it all afternoon to see whether it had the silver streaks on its underside and it did.

The wildflower meadow, packed full with life.

Purple loosestrife


More tufted vetch and another bee


Red campion
St John's wort and mallow


Flowering rush bareroot

Purple vetch

Lesser knapweed

Swans - but you knew that didn't you!
Even in the town centre, the Council has looked after the wild spaces and look what I found.

Pyramidal orchid

Common Spotted orchid

Happy spotting!


Friday, 12 July 2019

Five for July


Thanks for popping in.

How can it be Friday again!  It's been a busy week full of exhausting exercise watching Wimbledon on the TV!  Phew!  I definitely need a rest now. 😀

Here's my five for this week.

1.  At the farm -  everything is go with the fruit and vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, courgettes, potatoes, gooseberries, currants, spinach, broad beans, carrots, beetroots, strawberries, raspberries with onions, beans and sweetcorn coming along.  With that huge sky and wildflowers thrown in.

2. Garden Roses - These have taken a long time to get flower but look wonderful now despite being grown in pots.

3.  Books -  dithering in the Library, not knowing which new Authors to choose, I turned to my fellow bloggers for inspiration and have a long list of books to locate.  Thanks very much.  I'm now turning to Crime however and am fair ripping through them!

4.  Sky - there have been some exciting skies this week.

5.  Caversham Court Gardens looking wonderful by the River Thames.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Hollyhocks Anonymous!


Thanks for calling in.

It's hollyhock time!