Friday, 22 October 2021

An Autumn Goal


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We're off for a walk past two churches, down to the golf course and up through the college, off to the shops for some grapes before sitting in the sun to watch some local teams playing football.

The lychgate was a great background for the red stemmed plants topped with white frothy flowers.

The churchyard has a particularly-spectacular-in-the-Autumn tree, which needs to be watched for maximum effect.  It's not ready yet but is teetering on the brink!  Other pretty leaves have started to fall.

Wandering past the gardens of the estate didn't really produce any stunning views but before long the footpath was there looking all green and inviting.

Passing the golfcourse, there were plenty of golfers enjoying a game, can you spot them below?

The car park was packed and no doubt some of them were in the clubhouse enjoying some lunch.

Back on the main road, the café near the station had sadly run out of Millionaire's Shortbread, probably just as well.  If I was in charge there, I would definitely order many more slices as they are always running out by lunchtime.  What are people supposed to do in the afternoon?!

Off we go through the College, I haven't spotted any film crews lately.

The shops are gradually turning their windows Halloweeny.

The footballers in the park looked so colourful, they even scored a goal.

Around the corner, an enormous number of chattering birds were in the tree, not sure what they are but maybe they are redwings arriving from Scandinavia for the Winter.

A faint rainbow to finish off to wish you a good weekend.


Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Garden Mosaics


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The garden is waiting.  Mr CKs new compost heaps have missed his attention, the compost bags full of prunings, weeds and leaves, ready for specific processing, are mounting up on the patio but no matter.  Our garden is a wild place, not neatly manicured or rigorously weeded, it is a place of let's see what comes up this year.

There are pots of plants raised from seed and various shrubs which have more predictable and colourful results.

The woodland is changing colour.

Leaves will shortly fall and already the house is being pelted by chestnuts.


Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Books Ahoy!


Thanks for calling in.

The library is open! Hooray!  All the neighbours were there, hot foot to look at the new arrivals before the rest of the village arrives!  There's even a great big pile of them in the office that haven't been 'dealt with' yet.

Needless to say the ones I was particularly looking for must have been out t' back, however, it was great to be back in the rat-free surrounds of a book-lined room taking it all in.

Here's what I came home with:

Nicola Upson is a new Author to me but I like the fact that the story with fictional skulduggery,  is woven around real people in places that they actually lived.  This novel includes Lewes, which I visited recently, and the National Trust's Charleston.

Another new Author but I've taken a chance as The Times reckons it's 'clever and great fun', all in Venice as well.

Here's an Author I've loved for ages and laughed along with in the Ladies Detective Agency, the Scotland Street adventures with Bertie and Tofu and the Isabel Dalhousie novels but this is the first Varg I've tried.

Recently, I read this:

It's a follow on from his first book The Hare with the Amber Eyes and I loved it.

I write books I have read in my Booklist above and another I haven't mentioned here is this:

It's another great read, although I was a bit disappointed with the Chapter on the Isle of Man as we had a great holiday there.

It's going to be a rainy week but I am now stocked up with plenty to read although I will miss the chocolate brownies eaten outside the other, more distant library!


Monday, 18 October 2021

Blankets Are Go!


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All the donated wool has been turned into blankets and they have been sent on their way.  The house is now a wool free zone and I must admit I'm feeling twitchy!


Winter is coming!  A new project is needed.  Luckily the library is reopening today, let's hope all those books on my list are waiting for me while I come up with something woolly.


Friday, 15 October 2021

City Status?


Thanks for calling in.

We're back in Reading and while you have been doing those lengths in the steaming outdoor pool of the Lido, I've wandered into the town.  Reading is actually applying for City status at the moment as part of the Queen's Platinium Jubilee celebrations next year and is hoping not to fail as it did 9 years ago.

It was good to see the Museum was back open again after all the lockdowns.  Don't they always do such a great job with the floral adornments.

Upstairs in the galleries, every door seemed to have a notice on it saying, don't use this door, follow the one way system but as nobody was about, after going around a couple of times, I just had to go in the next door regardless or I'd have been there all day!  As it was I passed the Alan Caiger Smith pots and plates and all the Huntley and Palmer tins a couple of times.

An exhibition about Reading Festival in 1971 was on in the Art Gallery, that's when it  started, now it's an institution.  Recently I came across the fact that Kenneth Branagh was living in Reading from 1969 and attending Whiteknights Primary School.  He also acted at the Progress Theatre in Reading, where I enjoyed watching various plays around the same time, if only I'd kept the programmes, perhaps I would find his name there.

Having seen the Maiwand lion depicted in Peachy's artwork on Reading Bridge earlier, it was good to see the real thing in Forbury Gardens where the petunias were still going strong.

Back to the river, the Autumn tints were just beginning.

Just one boat was approaching Caversham Lock, the gushing Weir blocking the rest of the river on the other side of the island.

The Lock keeper was busy in the garden as the boat approached.

Off it went on its way to Sonning.

Have a great weekend.  If you get the chance to watch Josh Widdecombe on Who Do You Think You Are? it's a great episode.  I think Linda from A Rich Tapestry would really enjoy it.


Thursday, 14 October 2021

The Incident with a Flock of Geese


Thanks for popping in.

This week has seen an improvement in Mr CKs recovery, he's now up and about again, which is wonderful and I was even able to meet a friend in Reading, knowing he would be fine at home.  It's also been so warm and sunny this week, not like October at all.

The Thames in Reading always lures me to it as does Christchurch Bridge, which I always have to photograph, I just love it!

Someone was busy feeding a large flock of Canada geese, that had clustered around him, desperate for a piece of bread.  Just as I was negotiating those on the path, a small dog suddenly shot out of the undergrowth, sending a cloud of geese up into the air, making a beeline for the safety of the river, crashing into me in their haste.  Fortunately I was left unscathed but where was the camera when I needed it!

Heading for Reading Bridge and over it, I enjoyed not only some interesting trees and plants but Peachy's artwork and some good views of the River.

Feeling drawn to the pistachio cakes of the Lido, I was disappointed to find there had been a rush on them that morning and they'd sold out. Bother! A coffee would have to suffice.  I think we'll linger here while you swim a few lengths  and I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more!