Friday, 6 September 2019

Five Around Newcastle City


Thanks for popping in.

Having spent a couple of days in Newcastle, my five this week gives a glimpse of the City away from the river and old town.

1.  Central Arcade - built in 1906 through the triangular Central Exchange building, the arcade is decorated with faience by Burmantofts - mustard coloured tiles.

2. Grey's Monument and Eldon Square - the statues in the area are particularly prominent with their tall columns. Charles, Second  Earl Grey of the tea fame is remembered in Eldon Square due to his passing the Great Reform Act of 1832.  It was paid for by public subscription.  A new head was made in 1947 when the original was struck by lightening in 1941.

There are some beautiful buildings around this area as well as an enormous modern mall intu Eldon Square, apparently containing the largest Boots in the country as well as an excellent range of shops.

3. Universities -  there are two universities within the City - Newcastle and Northumbria - complete with a large variety of buildings, accommodation and facilities.  It must be a very busy place when all the students are back after the Summer break.

4. Laing Art Gallery - a selection of paintings, together with an exhibition of achievements of artists and manufacturers from the North East of England can always be enjoyed with special exhibitions too.  For us, they were Portrait and photographs by Chris Killip of The Last Ships made on Tyneside, which, in black and white, were totally atmospheric showing the Great big ships being made at the bottom of residential streets and it was only in the quips, so not that long ago.

5.  And the rest

The railway station

Can you see the tightrope walker?

Street art


A pretty csfé near the Metro station

Fancy having seahorses on top of the Civic Centre tower!  Newcastle's coat of arms has two seahorses as well and they signify the City's history as a sea port.

The civic centre

That was a  bit more than five really, wasn't it!

Have a great weekend.



  1. Lots to enjoy in Newcastle by the looks of it. Another city to add to my enormous list! Have a great weekend. B x

    1. Thanks Barbara. The Great North Run is coming up there soon, good job we didn't choose that day to visit! x

  2. Wonderful, lots of lovely photos to enjoy. Looks like you had a great visit:)

    1. Thanks Rosie, probably too many photos really but I just can't resist! Have a good weekend. 😊

  3. I've really enjoyed the tour around Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre. I wish everyone participating in the Great North Run today all the best, much money is raised for charity and the runners and supporters have a good time :) Have a good wonderful week!

    1. Thank you, you too! They had a beautiful day for the run and would have had great views from the Tyne Bridge as they dashed across if they remembered to look!

  4. There's some beautiful buildings and I love the old arcades. We're lucky to have some very similar here in Leeds.

    1. I've been to Leeds when we were looking at the University but we didn't really do it justice, will have to come back one day.