Tuesday, 12 February 2019

In the City


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If you take the ferry from South Perth to Elizabeth Quay, you'll arrive in the centre of the City.  The buildings tower above but down on the ground, look out for the fountain, one minute water is spurting out, the next it's mist, a real treat for the children.

Heading up the William Street hill, it's not long before you arrive at the main shopping centres of Hay Street and Murray Street with the arcades linking them together.  Below is a bridge from the railway station near to the shops.

You'll see from the photos below that new buildings are mixed in with the old.

St Georges Cathedral was completed and ready for its first service in 1888, whereas the Cadogan Song School which adjoins it was finished in 2017.

St Georges Cathedral
St Georges Cathedral Song School
The facade of St Georges Theatre was kept when all but the portico was demolished in the 1980s when the District Court was built.

St Georges Hall

Hibernian Place is a precinct containing a hotel, shops and cafes and has been adorned with a female face painted by Geelong-born artist Rone.

Hibernian Place
The Roman Catholic Archbishop's Palace was completed in 1855 although the Archbishop no longer resides there.

I liked the decoration on the modern Mercedes College buildings.

Mercedes College

Of course that was only a small fraction of the City buildings.  If you would like to see a few more of the heritage buildings, have a look at this link.



  1. Some very interesting looking buildings there. Like the mix of old and new.

  2. Curious how they just left the front of the theatre. It looks like a great place to visit. B x

    1. It really stands out with all the glass behind it, doesn't it. x

  3. A great mix of old and new, a lovely tour.

  4. Such unusual buildings. I like the arches between the catheral and song school and the decoration onthe college building. The watery mist in the foundtain looks very cool on a hot day:)

    1. The mist is such a great idea in a hot country and great fun for the children too. 😊