Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Crochet Progress


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Sunglasses on, I wouldn't like to strain your eyes, the colourful lap blanket has been finished off with a couple of rows of trebles plus a row of shells to give a wiggly edge.  It will be quite difficult to lose this!!

The small squares of scraps of wool have been joined together with a continuous flat braid joining method.  I'm leaving this on the side for the moment until I decide what to do with it but at least all the little squares aren't falling all over the place!

Next up, I've started to convert the flowers to squares using Stylecraft DK Parchment, quite a few to go.

When I got the flowers out of the basket where I had put them for safe keeping, guess what I found!

The little rascal!!  Perhaps I'll have to make a few more small squares and join them on.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Back at the Park


How are you?

I'm a little bit out of phase with my posts at the moment but here we are back at the Park on the way to the shops, a necessary trip every couple of weeks as someone keeps eating all the food.  It's great to repeat the same walk regularly as you really notice all the changes that have taken place as the weather warms up.

This time, the pink cherry blossom certainly caught my attention.

Scillas, maybe bifolia, were crowding round one side of the tree, whilst on the other side

the daffodils looked lovely.

Primroses were more prevalent.

All that hard work by the gardeners of a few weeks ago was starting to pay off as the primulas were flowering neatly in the box bordered beds, purple in some, white in the others and a few naughty blue, pink and yellow smiling out in the wrong place.

Wildlifewise, they were busy, busy apart from this one carved into the bench, ready for someone to come along with a piece of paper and a crayon.

The swans were sitting on their usual nest site. Is it that time already or were they just staking a claim?

All's well at the Park even though their funding has been cut by the ever-stretched Council.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Five on Friday - West Green Gardens


Thanks for visiting for this last Five on Friday over at Amy's Love Made My Home blog. I'd just like to say a big thank you Amy for getting us all together  on Fridays, I've so enjoyed meeting all you lovely people and if it hadn't been for you Amy, this wouldn't have happened.  Hopefully you'll be able to join in with Tricky and Carly on FAST from next week.

Now that Gardeners World is back on TV, it's definitely time to see what's happening in the garden and what better garden to visit at the beginning of the season than our favourite West Green Gardens, see the label above.  Incidentally I've created a couple of pages above too which have an index of links to my blog posts in those categories to save you searching through, hopefully these work!

One - Café

Let's just go straight into the café for a spot of lunch.  The garden had only been open a couple of days following the winter closure but the café was firing on all four cylinders, freshly painted and full of pretty knick-knacks and twinkly fairy lights.

Two - Formal Garden

Not a great deal to see so early on but it was all neat and tidy with lots and lots of shoots poking through the ground heralding what's to come.

Three - Flowers

In the wild areas, lots of colourful hellebores looked wonderful interspersed with iris and hyacinths.

Four - Daffodils

Swathes of daffodils covered the grassy areas down to the lake.

Colourful benches ready for you to plonk down on  and admire the view, always look so inviting.

Five - Greenhouse

The scent of hyacinths assaults the nose as soon as the doors of the greenhouse are opened.  It's always so pretty in here.

Wonderful West Green, see you again really soon, so glad you are open again.

See you again soon too!

Have a great week.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Next Stretch


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We have found that the Basingstoke Canal is an absolute gem.  Each stretch of the 32 miles of available towpath that we've strolled along, has shown us something unexpected.  This week we found ourselves near the Colt Hill section and set off to walk to the Mill House in North Warnborough where we had left off to enjoy our fish and chips last time.  

Is it just me but whenever I come out of a railway station or car park, I have this overwhelming sense of which way to head, set off and then realise half an hour later I've gone completely the wrong way. Always, well 90% of the time.  Do I need to think, I know it's this way so let's go the other, it might be more successful.

Anyway, off we went on the towpath the wrong way but it didn't really matter.

First up, across the Canal were a collection of barges ready for canal trips in the season.  Lots of colourful benches were piled up showing that it's  a place of bustle.

Although it was a grey day, this heightened the bright green of the new willow leaves, daffodils and catkins.

These barges showing Dogmersfield Park were where we realised we were going the wrong way!  Dogmersfield Park used to have a palace frequented by King Henry VIII back in Tudor times, nowadays there's a swish hotel there.

Round the next corner, this delightful thatched cottage appeared over the other side. Two men with a ladder were looking at the roof as the horse sculpture continued grazing.

Just as the towpath was about to reach the Barley Mow pub, it was blocked by a fence due to maintenance so we had to turn round and retrace our steps.

A small channel led off to Wilkswater, a charming pond with a weeping willow on an island in the centre.  The sound of croaking drew our attention to a myriad of frogs in the water, swimming about and popping their heads out of the water. This was a magical spot.

Behind us, this house looked intriguing.  It turned out to be King John's Hunting Lodge with an important garden which sadly, is never open to the public.

Fortunately we made it safely back to the car, the path had been really, really muddy. We're already looking forward to the next stretch.