Thursday, 14 September 2017

Wisley Sculpture


Great to see you.

As if the beautiful Gardens at RHS Wisley weren't joy enough,  there were sculptures dotted around as well. The Surrey Sculpture Trail boasts work from the South East's finest established and emerging artists. If one caught your eye and was perfect for your own garden, then they were on sale too.

I think I might have gone for these dandelions  by FantasyWire but it looks like they belong to Wisley.  Mind you, I wouldn't have had the fairies on them, just the simple dandelions.  They sparkled in the sun and could be seen from lots of different places within the Gardens. I particularly like the wonky stems.

Also part of the current displays, were these children and their dog - the Famous Five written about by Enid Blyton.  I looked at the selection of these classic  books in the gift shop but the pictures had been modernised and the children were totally unrecognisable, in a bad way.

Meanwhile, back to the sculpture trail.  There was something for everybody but these two caught my eye just before we made off for tomato soup and a crusty slice of bread in the restaurant.  We had been lucky to dodge the torrential rain unlike many others who were looking somewhat bedraggled.

There are great plans in the pipeline with projects underway to build a new welcome centre, horticultural science and learning centre and to transform the existing laboratory.  As well as this, sadly 10,000 trees could be under threat from proposals to widen the A3 road, here's a link to find out more.  Let's hope a different option is chosen.

See you soon Wisley.

Bye for now.


  1. It looks lovely. I haven't been for years x

  2. I'm used to seeing the dandelions and fairies around here as Fantasy Wire is a local firm. Great to see them at Wisley. I like the sculptures of the men and dog on the wall and the little boy. I hope the trees can be saved:)

    1. Yes, fingers crossed. Well fancy that, I've probably seen them on your blog as well. The sculpture of the men is called Talking Cobblers. 😊

  3. Talking about the Famous Five brought back some lovely memories of reading books to my daughters.

    1. Those were the days when things were more straightforward. I used to love reading to my children too.