Monday, 7 August 2017

Rob and Nick Carter


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I was listening to the radio on Wednesday when the programme Only Artists came on, highlighting the work of Rob and Nick Carter, husband and wife Artists. I had not heard of them before.

Producing artworks in many different mediums such as photography, paint and light installations, it was their films, which bring Old Masters to life, that were highlighted by the  programme in particular.

Photo taken from the internet

The BBC website says:

'Rob and Nick work with new technology, light and photography. Realising that most gallery goers only spend seconds looking at an artwork, they make us slow down by creating three hour films in which Old Master paintings and drawings are digitally re-imagined: a Sleeping Venus breathes and opens her eyes; a frog slowly decomposes; and the insects round a vase of flowers from the Dutch Golden Age begin to fly and crawl as the blooms flutter in the breeze. Rob and Nick Carter are the only living artists to be shown alongside the Old Masters at the renowned Frick Collection in New York.

Their recent work includes Oak Grove, nine identical full-size tree stumps, cast in bronze. They are based on a drawing from 1600, and created using 3D printing along with bronze casting, to reproduce every detail of the bark and wood. The stumps are currently arranged in a circle in Kensington Gardens, London, where visitors can sit, climb or play on them.'

I'll have to look out for those bronze tree stumps next time I'm in London.

Here's a link to the programme and to their website, which has excerpts from their films.



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    1. It would make you look again if a fly flew past the flowers or if petals started to fall.

  2. That's something different, how interesting.

    1. It is. People are always coming up with new ideas!