Thursday, 20 July 2017

Serpentine Summer Pavilion


Thanks for popping in.

Hotfooting it through Hyde Park and crossing the River Thames, you pass by the two Serpentine Galleries and in the Summer months the Serpentine Pavilion.  This year the Architect is Francis Kéré, from Gando, Burkina Faso.  He is the seventeenth international award winning Architect to be commissioned to build a pavilion in London.

His design has been influenced by the tree that grows in his home village, which is a meeting point for everyone and it seeks to connect visitors with nature and each other.  The British climate has been incorporated in the design too, with a shady shelter that lets air pass through on sunny days and on wet days, a roof that funnels the water to the centre to create a waterfall effect with an irrigation system incorporated in the ground to collect the water for use in the park.

I loved the way the roof slats were open above you but looked quite solid further away.  A lot of trouble had gone into staining the blue wooden walls exactly the right colour to match the shirts his villagers wear when they want to look their best

Inside the pavilion is a café.  

I was just enjoying a cup of oriental fruit tea and a slice of banana bread when in walked the Architect himself, in the white hat and a perfectly wall-matching blue shirt, together with his entourage. Fancy that!

I really liked this pavilion, the idea, the colours and even the chairs.

I've seen several of the Serpentine Pavilions over the years and always look forward to getting a peek at the latest one.  In the Gallery, postcards were available of each one and I couldn't resist a photo of the display.

Can't wait til next year now!



  1. It looks amazing! I bet the architect was pleased to see people enjoying themselves in the exhibition:)

    1. He was quite happy talking to people while he was there, quite a few came up to him telling him how much they liked it. I expect he was delighted!