Tuesday, 18 April 2017

more street art


Thanks for popping in.

Are you ready for a bit more street art?

We've made it as far as Shoreditch now and still the art continues.  Some buildings completely covered in vibrant swirls, others completely black with reflective windows.  Camera crews and foreign students buzz around, taking it all in.

Across the street, an enormous ROA hedgehog peers round the lamp post in Chance Street.

We've heard there's a Banksy on Rivington Street heading to the Old Street tube.  There's all sorts to see on the way

Ben Eine

I like these bright simple shapes by Thierry Noir. We've missed the Banksy though and turn back.

No wonder we couldn't see the Banksy, a van is parked right next to the glass covered work. No chance of a proper photo of Guard Dog, a poodle. Fancy parking a van there, you can't do that at the National Gallery!

We've missed the vast majority of the streetart but then tomorrow it could all be different again.

If it wasn't such a pfaff to get to, like Arnie, I'd be back.



  1. Always up for a bit of street art - it does look like the UK has exploded into a riot of painted wall these days and I'm all for it! Love the hedgehogs!
    Have a great week!
    Wren x