Tuesday, 28 February 2017



Thanks for popping in.

We've been on an exciting new walk today which I'm going to share with you as I just know you'll love it too.  It's always good to do a bit of internet research before you head off and just by chance I came across this particular circular walk on an Inn's website, the Mill House Inn in North Warnborough in Hampshire, which was brilliant as it meant we had somewhere to park the car. Boots stashed, off we went.

Isn't it a glorious spot, a mill on the River Whitewater, even better, as we set off, we knew we were coming back 3 miles later.

Walking round the front of the building, we could see it was quite large, down the lane we scooted.

Past a house with a couple of pretty stained glass Windows, sparkling in the sun.

Round the corner, a little stream made its way through the grassy green, a child and its Mum throwing sticks in and watching them joggle swiftly along.

 The stream led to a large puddle in the road, a ford. It looked quite deep, would my car have been able to drive through? Not with me driving 😁

Walking through a couple of gates past a few cottages, strange signs began to appear.

Over a cattle grid and then . . .

Eek! Not the chicken zone! Would we be safe?

Phew! The chickens were all cooped up, strutting about behind the fence, looking for a snack.

Pressing on, clumps of snowdrops caught  our eye but then, over the fence . . .

. . .  were these.

Highland cow's. Aren't they scrumptious!  I'll leave you in the field till tomorrow when we'll carry on with our walk. Hope you brought a tent.




  1. How wonderful to find a new walk and discover new things, especially if it eventually leads back to where you started. Glad you got safely through the chicken zone, you can never be sure about them can you?:)

    1. Ha ha they were obviously a very dangerous breed! 😊

  2. Noooooo! I am practically jumping down the computer at this one! This is one of my Fathers favourite hotels. He celebrated his 80 and 81st birthday there, he went two years running as I wasn't able to get to his 80th! One day we will be at the same place at the same time with the same blog idea - bring it on :)
    Weather is looking good for my UK trip next week!
    Wren x

    1. Well I'm blowed! It is a lovely place, my posts about this walk go on for ages, it was that lovely! It's still a bit cold here but getting better each day. Hope you have a good week. x

  3. It's always good to find information about a trail that's new to you with a safe place to park. The ford certainly looks deep! Chickens on the loose and cattle with spiky horns makes for an interesting walk! Very picturesque, a beautiful little stained glass window and snowdrops - lovely!

    1. There was something exciting round every corner. 😊