Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Drop of Snow


Thanks for visiting.

Sun's out woohoo! Also some local gardens have just opened to the public to show off their snowdrop displays.  However, that's too easy, where's the challenge of hunting for them in the wild!

Well, I've cheated a bit as the first stop to find them was the garden centre and I got sidetracked by the polyanthus in all their colourfulness but there were only a couple of weedy snowdrops to speak of. Then I set off into the nature reserve and could see small clumps were springing up.  I had to put the results into a celebratory mosaic.

Off for a walk to search for more signs of Spring, led me along the river where catkins were cascading.

New bramble leaves were also sprouting.

Passing the lake, it was silver one minute,

blue the next.  Must be the camera.

Oh the fresh-air-ness of it all.  I may have to find one of those gardens to visit for another breath of snowdrop.



  1. You took us on a lovely walk today, it is always a joy to see snowdrops at this time of year.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. We're all keeping our eyes out for glimpses of Spring. Won't be long!

  2. I love seeking out snowdrops in the woodlands,we have a local garden too that gives a wonderful display:)

    1. They are such a joy at this time of year. It's surprising how many variations there are. 😊