Saturday, 10 December 2016

Linocut Lives On


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The Watts Contemporary Gallery is located above the shop at the Artists Village in Compton. On display were works by some if the foremost British linocut artists of the 20th Century. The exhibition was co-curated by Cath Kidston.

I loved these chickens by Celia Lewis from Godalming. She says she never gets over the excitement of lifting the first print off the press.

This print is by Robert Tavener.

Another by Celia Lewis.

Below, by  Claire Curtis from Felixstowe who likes the fact that linocuts force you to simplify the visual language used, designs need a restricted palette and to be bold.

Fortunately there were lots of cards available for purchase.



  1. I love those chickens, they are wonderful:)

    1. I was rather miffed that all the cards with the chickens on had been sold. They were definitely my favourites. x

  2. I love linocuts, they look deceptively easy but I get very confused over which bits to cut out! These are all fabulous.

    1. They are good aren't they. I love the colours and sometimes how the print just misses the exact spot.