Saturday, 5 November 2016

Killerton Gardens


Thanks for visiting.

We're continuing our visit to Killerton House and Gardens, a National Trust property not far from Exeter in Devon.

Today, we're concentrating on the garden.  As you enter the cultivated area of the garden, you are treated by a number of specimen trees which at this time of the year were putting on a good Autumnal show. Paths zigzag down the hill past the old dairy, now a cafĂ© to the lawns and herbaceous borders.  

Famous Nurseryman John Veitch was hired by the Acland family in 1772 to make the garden special. Being sheltered by the Dolbury Hill, the garden has a great microclimate with warm south facing slopes. The Nursery expanded with his son James who sent out plant hunters all over the world and tested the plants in the garden so some are very old and unusual.

One of the gardeners gave us a tour and pointed out the best performers at the time, interspersing the information with various anecdotes, such as when visiting children could play football near the flower beds and how they kept trampling on all his plants, now moved elsewhere (the football games not the plants!) and the possibility that all the really well established climbers would have to be moved from the house walls due to the painting of the house. We saw the garden through his eyes, well worth a tour if you get the chance.

Only 4 gardeners and 12 volunteers keep the garden going, there are always lots of jobs to do.

Have a look at some of the beauties on display.



  1. Autumn has been spectacular this year hasn't it?! Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip, the colours are stunning. Have a great weekend. Chel

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Chel, it's certainly a place to visit more than once.

  2. What stunning gardens. Looks like the sun shone for your visit as well. :) B

    1. We had a great day. It would be great to go back and see the gardens in the Spring, it must be glorious. x