Friday, 18 November 2016

Five on Friday - Oxford


Thanks for popping in. I'm not sure if Amy will be back for this week's five but I'm so into the swing of finding five things for Friday that I can't stop myself today!

With the weather set to be cold and wet by the end of the week, I dashed off to Oxford to soak up the remaining gloriousness of the season, even with Andy Murray playing tennis on the TV.

One - Trees and Bicycles

Straight off the train, you know immediately you are in the University city with the swathes of bicycles parked everywhere and cyclists whizzing about the cobbles. Look at these wonderful trees though, if I had a bike, I'd love to have parked it beneath such a fine mix of colours.

Two - Ox

Also by the station is this large bronze ox by Irish sculptor Olivia Musgrave. Oxford was first settled in Anglo Saxon times around 900 AD and was where there was a ford for the oxen to cross the river.

Three - Modern Art

On another animal theme, these exhibits at Modern Art Oxford by Katja Novitskova represent images taken from their 'natural habitat' of the internet, printed onto aluminium, showing the evolutionary development caused by technical advancement as the images exist apart from the real life animals themselves.

Four - Hertford Brdge

Although known as Oxford's Bridge of Sighs, the bridge doesn't really resemble Venice's famous bridge and certainly wasn't based on it. It was designed by Thomas Jackson in 1913. A lovely place to stop and check your messages however.

Five - The Sheldonian Theatre

This famous and distinguished building is used for various ceremonies and concerts and where the University students receive their degrees. On Broad Street, at the rear of the building, there are thirteen pillars with the head and shoulders of an Emperor on the top, known as herms, each sporting a different type of beard.  Another four pillars are outside the Museum next door. These are the third set made since the 1660s when Christopher Wren designed the Sheldonian, his very first work.  Each head took a minimum of 30 hours work.

Aren't they fantastic!

I'll have a few more Oxford posts for you over the next few days.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I love Oxford. Your photos are lovely, reminding me of what I'm missing. A beautiful spot to park your bike. I have a feeling those leaves will be gone very soon. Have a good weekend. B x

    1. I must go a bit more often, it's not that far away. I love Cambridge too. x

  2. Lovely photos, I like Oxford and have happy memories of wandering around there - the museums and bookshops particularly:)

    1. The colour of the stone is so beautiful isn't it. It must be a great place to be a student. :-)