Tuesday, 11 October 2016



Many thanks for visiting.

We're off on another walk today. You never know what you mind find!

Starting by a miniature railway, we follow the narrow track through the woodland.

Our first crop of fungi. I don't know enough about the different types that grow so am very suspicious and don't touch any in case they are poisonous.

We pick up a little stream to follow.

Past a few mysterious characters.

Fungi number two.

Now we are level with the allotments.

Dickie's pond, named after Dickie Dove a Councillor who worked tirelessly to create the area, is just round the corner. One solitary duck was paddling amongst the lily pads.

We're turning back towards the buildings now, past the football pitch.

Outside the café, a few daisies were putting on a show.

Inside the café, lots of fish swim around the tanks.

Refreshed, we set off again.  Look at this tree wearing a short coat!

Holly berries shine out.

More fungi.

Still lots of blackberries around.

Looking back down the road where dark wooden houses lie.  A few years ago in 2011, the owners had to be evacuated when the local woods caught fire, the flames edging towards the road. Luckily, all was well when the fire was contained.

Home again.

Time for another coffee.



  1. You took us on a wonderful stroll. I too would be afraid to pick the fungi, I don't know enough about it. The blackberries would definitely been in my basket.

    1. Ha ha good idea, a nice blackberry and apple pie perhaps!

  2. I love all the different fungi but I'm always wary of which ones to pick. You certainly saw lots. B x

    1. They look so similar, I just wouldn't be able to decide between them. x