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Sometimes I find it useful to note down in the blog things I've come across that I've really enjoyed and hopefully they are things that you might enjoy as well.

Recently I watched a BBC programme presented by Nichols Parsons about Queen Marie Antoinette's Breguet pocket watch, here's a link.

Marie Antoinette pocket watch - photo from Breguet website

It's the story of clockmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet,
the development of his incredible, complicated, beautiful watches,
the French Queen Marie Antoinette's pocket watch no.160 which took 44 years to make from gold and sapphires, the epitome of excellence,
the mystery surrounding the person who commissioned it in 1783,
the Queen, who was sent to the guillotine 34 years before the watch was complete,
the robbery and disappearance of this spectacular watch and others in 1983,
the commission of a replica no. 1160 with 823 parts using archive material in 2004,
the unexpected return of the original in 2007 and
the completion of the replica in 2008.

What a great adventure.  Breguet's company is nowadays part of the Swatch Group. Here's a link to their website, full of information about all the exciting developments over the years.

From Breguet website

All sorts of things can be incorporated into the watches - calendars, self-winding mechanisms, chimes, no need for oil, one handed, time told by touch alone - I had no idea.

When Nicholas Parsons picked up the Marie Antoinette watch, it started to work, I can only imagine his joy and excitement after wanting to see it for so long.



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