Monday, 10 October 2016

Autumn Mosaic


Thanks so much for calling in and for the lovely messages you leave me.  I do get round to answering them all eventually but can be a few days behind so do forgive me!

The sun was out again today and I had a sudden urge to see if there were any wild hops in the hedgerows nearby as I remember seeing them when I was a mere slip of a thing! I can see them as clear as a bell in my mind's eye but nowadays the hedges just seem to be overrun by brambles. I decided to give up in the end as the twisty road had also turned into a racetrack! Do you have any wild hops near you?

Taking the footpath near the lake instead and following the river, I wondered if I might come across a kingfisher as it was here that I had previously caught sight of a couple of blue tailfeathers flying away. I passed a bird hide. Do you know why they call it a hide? It's because all the kingfishers are hiding behind it so you can't see them!! No doubt when you move along, they all come out and do a little tap dance! So no, I didn't see one. One day.

However look at all the things I did see.

So sometimes you set out to do one thing and you end up doing something totally different.  I know that when I do see a wild hop or a kingfisher it will be worth the wait and all the anticipation. If you just walked out the door and there they were, where would the fun be in that!

By the way, there are still loads of raspberries at the farm which closes on the  22nd for the winter.



  1. You found quite a lot of pretty autumn stuff. Kingfishers don't live here but yesterday I saw in my garden a baby wood pigeon - quite alone, no adults at sight. I wonder why it was left alone and how it shall survive the cold winter. Usually Wood pigeons fly to Central or Southern Europe in October - but this poor little creature is still here!

    1. Oh dear, poor little wood pigeon, I hope the parents were hidden nearby, although it seems a strange time of year for it to be around.

  2. A beautiful mosaic, capturing the essence of the season.

    1. We are lucky to have these colourful seasons to enjoy, so beautiful.