Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wokingham Arts Trail


Thanks for popping in.

There are some artistic people about, behind ordinary front doors a wealth of crafty industry is busying away producing wonderful things. Garages have been turned into ceramic studios, bedrooms into the design hubs for potters, sheds burst with all manner of paints, ground up rock and glazes. Who knew?

After 14,500 steps around Wokingham, I visited 7 of the 11 venues.  You follow the map which had all the details of the venues, artists and their websites - have a look here.  It was a bit odd just waltzing into people's houses but the bunting and signs welcomed us in and it was fascinating to hear about the making process and even have a tour of the studio, learn the stories behind the paintings and admire the surroundings, even have a cup of tea.

The first stop took me past the church.

Here's a very small selection of things on offer, follow the link above for more.

Stained glass by Nicola Kantorowicz - - showing the stages in the process.

Handmade pots by Sarah Abell -

On to the next location, got a bit lost! Delicate ceramic dishes amongst other things by Suzanne Needham -

Back into the town.

Molecular Art by Catherine Hadler was reminiscent of Aboriginal paintings but were actually based on cell structures. Have a look here.

Back out of town in the other direction.  All sorts made from paper, glass and clay from Christine Morgan -

There were some excellent paintings but I didn't feel comfortable taking too many photos.  Now I know that there is all this local talent around when I need to buy that special present.

A great walk on a sunny day amidst the colours of Autumn.



  1. What a wonderful tour, I would have loved to have joined you, a real delight.

    1. Maybe there will be one near you too. :-)

  2. We have a studio tour every autumn as well and it is surprising to see what various crafters make.

    1. It seems to be quite popular these days, doesn't it.

  3. A super tour - and your photo's are lovely to look at.
    Thank you

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, glad you enjoyed them. :-)