Sunday, 4 September 2016

Wellington College Garden


Thanks for visiting.

Time for a cup of coffee and a slice of lemon drizzle by the Wellington College cricket pavillion before we look around the lawn and back garden not normally on view to the public.  I think the local Charity shop volunteers were going to have a celebratory tea there but we're moved inside due to the drizzly (not lemon) nature of the afternoon. You could hear the band playing, the sound drifting out of the open windows.

It's always nice to see a tunnel ahead of you. I wonder what's through the archway?

The green, green grass had an array of interesting plants around it, a lot of which would be glorious in Spring.

Tucked round the back of the lawn was a sunken garden, where ferns and gunnera dominated.

Other nooks and crannies were there to be explored.

I've one more post to share with you about my visit.

Bye for now


  1. Wellington College looks a lovely place to visit and I could eat a piece of that lemon drizzle right now! xx