Thursday, 15 September 2016

Eagle House Heritage Tour


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The tour round Eagle House School on the Heritage Open Day was well attended, about 21 people enjoyed the walk and talk.  We were told about the old days, when the boys were woken at the crack of dawn, sent off for a brisk run and then swim in the outdoor swimming pool, even if it meant getting rid of the ice in Winter first, and all before breakfast too.

There were a lot of eagles about!

The swimming pool was just next to the chapel where the stones are in the photo below. Inside the chapel are beautiful stained glass windows, an impressive organ and memorials to those students that died in WWI - the number of past pupils  that died equalled the number of pupils that were in school at the time.

Somehow I got all tangled up with my cardigan and sunglasses and accidentally changed the camera settings and even managed to switch the timer on, so this is the only photo that shows all the wonderful detail in one of the windows. How annoying is that!

Walking past the sports pitches, we reached the site of the old Edgbarrow Manor house which, with its lake and walled garden, must have been impressive but now it is long gone.

Looking back to the School

Right in the middle of the AstroTurf, is the site of a 1944 World War II aeroplane crash. A Boston III Bomber was returning to RAF Hartford Bridge Airport (now Blackbushe) after an aborted mission but was unable to land due to the weather. After circling, the engines failed and the plane crashed in the School field and then the bomb it was carrying exploded killing the crew, a passer-by and flattened the Gardener's cottage. Luckily the Gardener was not there at the time. Here's a link to an eye witness account.

The bricks left over from the rubble of the Gardener's cottage were used to build a bungalow in the grounds. Almost twenty years later, a French Teacher, John Watson, was living there when he wrote the music and song - Looking High, High, High -which came second in the 1960 Eurovision Song Contest! Fancy that!

Finally,  let's enjoy a home made chocolate cookie and a cup of coffee after an entertaining afternoon.




  1. The little chapel is wonderful and that cookie is a nice reward for a day of exploring! I had to laugh at the entanglement with your glasses.....I can relate! x Karen

    1. It was so annoying, I could have got some great photos! x