Sunday, 11 September 2016

Crafty Update


Thanks for calling in.

Having made a few cot quilts and deciding that scissors and a tape measure were apt to give wonky results, I splashed out with some birthday money and bought a rotary cutter and accurate measuring device. I had to give them a test drive!

With my sewing machine working at full tilt recently, I thought I'd make it a snazzy cover, especially when I spied a fat quarter of suitable material.  My new Tesco sheet, purchased in the sale, provided the background colour and there's still loads left for other projects.

The new tools worked a treat although I had to be careful with the cutter and make sure my fingers were out the way, fortunately it has a safety cover and locks when not in use.

I'm very pleased with the end result.

Meanwhile, I've got a few daisies pinned to the floor, as you do.



  1. Oh wow! that looks fab and very appropriate material for a sewing machine. Good luck with the Daisies xx

  2. The cover looks good. You must be pleased with the result. I've probably missed it, but what will you do with the daisies?

    1. Thanks Linda. I've strung the daisies with the little beads in between on some wool to make a garland! You can't move for woolly things here!