Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Behind the High Street


Thanks for calling in.

Having got hold of a Heritage Trail map of Dorking from the Library, I set off mooching around with you in mind!

The beauty of Dorking resting at the bottom of the hills is that two huge estates dominated the land and although the two main houses of Denbies and Deepdene are no longer in existence, a lot of the features of the landscape still do.

Walking down the roads off the High Street to either side offers a surprise.  For instance, looking at the long row of terraced houses in this street, you can see the gap between these two houses but what is further on?

Emerging from the footpath between them, the backs of the houses face this -

beautiful parkland and lake, complete with ducks, children's play area and heaps of green space which stretches up to the wooded hills. Shown as area 1 on the map.

a little stream trickles along

looking back to the town from the hill across the fields and lake.

The new children's playground is wonderful for families, so many were sitting enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  Great that this part of Denbies Estate was given to the town by the developer Maurice Chance.



  1. The backs of the houses certainly have a nice view and I love photos of bridges that beckon one to places unknown.

    1. It must be great to look out the window and see the hills and the park and know that there's no chance of any house building.