Saturday, 6 August 2016

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry


Hope you are well.

For our final visit to Coventry before moving to pastures new, another free place to visit is the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - a bright and breezy building shown in the mosaic below.  The history of the area through the ages has its own section, whereas there are plenty of exhibits to interest children, even wild workshops for the Summer, Lego wonder creations of places around the world and Nature Notes with various stuffed animals for them to pick up and study. Indeed, there were large quantities of children and their parents scooting about the place.

On display was a piano, among other items, belonging to Author of Silas Marner, Middlemarch etc. George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) who lived in the area, attending school in Coventry; some interesting geological specimens which looked even more so under short UV light; paintings by Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, LS Lowry and John Piper ( but only a few);  looms; a Lady Godiva section, including the painting by John Collier above and well all sorts of things!

Incidentally, the green Lego Wonder in the Mosaic is Macchu Pichu, so I can now tick that off my places to visit list !  The blue circular blowers switch on and cool you down if you stand in the right place, lovely on a hot day.

So much to see and do, who would believe it!



  1. The amazing things you can make with Lego never ceases to amaze me. Sounds like a wonderful gallery to visit :) B x

    1. It was a great space and nice to see so many children involved with the exhibits. x

  2. Looks like you had an interesting visit, lego gets everywhere doesn't it? It's good that they are using it in such an inventive way:)

    1. It certainly does, all that plastic, one day there's going to be a great Lego mountain! :-)