Saturday, 27 August 2016

Down at the Golf Club


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I'm having to go for my walk a lot earlier in the day with it being so hot in the afternoon.  Heading off in a vague direction, I ended up going past the golf course where players were excitedly preparing to take to the green.  It did look glorious.

These two caught my eye in the shop nearby.

This chap was running round a driveway. I was quite surprised to see a hedgehog in the middle of the morning.

Meanwhile, the golf course was all ready for the players.

On the way back I spotted an ancient stone.

The Roman Road from London to the major crossroads at Silchester, where there were Iron Age and then Roman settlements, is called the Devil's Highway. It left London at Newgate and headed for Staines, then changed alignment at Bagshot Park and headed West for 17 miles to Silchester which in later years was a notable and strange landscape feature that it earned it it's Devil's Highway name.

You never know what you are going to find when you head out for a walk!


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