Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Walk in the Woods


Thanks for calling in.

Come with us for a walk round the local woods.  We could be anywhere. In the middle of nowhere. We're going to take the Rambler Route, a 26 mile circular walk but don't worry we'll only do a small part of it today. Don't forget your walking shoes, it's not boggy just dusty and sandy.

Off we go!

The pines in Swinley Forest, which was part of the old hunting grounds of Windsor Forest, were planted after WWI when there had been a great timber cull for the war effort. Quick-growing pines were grown as the soil was very sandy and they are now managed as a sustainable resource by the Crown Estate. The area is open to the public to walk through.

Coming down the sandy hills with trees all around, the path opens up as we pass the fishing lake, the lilies looking beautiful on their pads.

The wildflowers are decidedly fluffy now, seeds are being whooshed off on the breeze.

Blackberries are in abundance, a sure sign that Autumn isn't too far away but we won't think about that just yet.

Climbing over the stile, we pass the farm with its rustic buildings. No sign of any sheep though.

Fluffy thistles this time,  amongst the yellowing grass, waft along the path.

Bags of colour.

Time to get that kettle on now we're home again. Tea or coffee? Which would you prefer?



  1. Keep an eye out for Sparrowhawks the next time you're among the conifers- young conifers close to a path on a hillside are their preferred habitat.

    1. There are some around but I'm not too good at spotting them. Red kites are so much easier with theirforked tails.

  2. Lovely walk, thanks for taking us along, you had me worried about the 26 miles though!!

    1. Ha ha glad you enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.

  3. I enjoy a walk in the forest where sometimes it's quiet, other times lots of birds calling. Have a look at this article of interest on Forest Bathing http://www.alive.com/health/forest-bathing/
    Tea for me please!

    1. Thanks for the link Judith. You certainly do feel a lot better after a stroll. I love the changing colours through the seasons or if it's been raining.

  4. What a lovely walk and the lilies do look beautiful on their pads...

    A cup of tea for me please!

    All the best Jan