Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Cautionary Tale


Thanks for popping in.

When the sun is out, it's great to get all those awkward shaped things aired in the sun, isn't it.

Blankets and pillows, tents and sleeping bags all hanging on the line, basking in the sun.

Don't forget that the plants need a good soak at the end of the day, whoops!  Now the pillow is soaked as well, just before coming back indoors. No problem, it will fit in the tumble drier.

Adam Peaty, in the Olympic Swimming Pool, breaststrokes furiously to the end of the pool - a World Record (and a Gold Medal later on) Hurray!  Wait a minute what's that awful smell?

The pillow has burst, feathers churn round and round the drum, fill the filter, get stuck to the heating element,  get trapped down the tube. Oh no.

The pillow is no more.

Lucky we found it when we did. There could have been a fire.

The tumble drier had to be taken apart and carefully cleaned.  Luckily Mr CK is good at that sort of thing.

Don't try this at home.



  1. Wow, this really could have caused a problem. When I wash pillows, no feathers for us - I dry them outside on the line in sunlight if possible.
    Glad your hubby is handy and could clean the feather mess up.

    1. I think we had better stick to the non-feather pillows from now on, it was a dreadful mess but all is well now thank goodness.

  2. It's very lucky that you found it before lots more damage was done:)

    1. It's such a good job we hadn't gone out for the evening. Still all's well now thank goodness. :-)