Sunday, 24 July 2016

Taking a Break


Thanks for visiting and for all your kind messages.

A long journey by car can be very tiring so it's always a good idea to stop for a cup of tea - and a cheese scone - to stretch the legs and take a break. What better place than a National Trust property with a beautiful garden.

Baddesley Clinton, a property built in the 1400s which has passed through 12 generations of the Ferrer's family over 500 years, is conveniently situated just off the M42 and M40 and has a great restaurant.

If you haven't time to go inside the house, the garden is a joy to behold.  Have a look:

We were too early for the dahlia border which is amazing.

This turns into . . .

. . . this!

Beautiful house with a moat

Fish pools packed with water lilies

Oh and don't forget the cheese scone.

Now you are ready for the journey ahead.

Bye for now.


  1. What a glorious garden and house. Whenever I am travelling in the uk, I use NT properties like service stations. That one looks beautiful. Have a good journey. B x

    1. You feel as if you are helping keep these lovely places going by buying a snack and they taste better too. x

  2. You certainly took us on a beautiful tour, a great place to visit.

  3. What a beautiful stop-off! The gardens (and photos) are glorious. It is not a NT property that I know being a little further afield from our usual visits - I loved Coastal Ripples comments that she uses National Trust properties like service stations :)
    Have a great week
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren. There are two really convenient NT properties in that area, we usually stop there and have done for years but, do you know, we only found the lily ponds this time! x

  4. Like you we always seek out an NT property on a long journey as they are such a nice break. I love Baddesley Clinton, such a fascinating place:)

    1. Isn't it great. Next time we must go inside as we haven't done that for ages. :-)