Tuesday, 12 July 2016

St Peter's Church Caversham


Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed seeing Caversham Court Gardens with me yesterday. 

Today we're going through the gate from the gardens to St Peter's Church. On the left is another entrance leading to the allotments which run along the boundary.  There's an ecological area within the allotments with a pond and mini meadow, an insect hotel, bird and bat boxes.  Next time I will pop in as the allotments seemed busy when I was there.

Walking up the short hill through the churchyard, the trees looked even more magnificent.

St Peter's is a large flint and ashlar church dating from 1162 with some beautiful stained glass windows and interestingly, the marble font was found buried in the grounds of the Old Rectory.

Such a beautiful setting.



  1. Lovely to see around the church with you!

    1. Thanks Amy. By the way, is that a pineapple on top of Andy Murray's new cup?

  2. Looks an interesting church and churchyard. I noticed yesterday that you too had the 'photos out of centre' thing that overtook google blogger yesterday. For ages I thought it was something I'd done. It seems to have righted itself again today, thank goodness:)

    1. If the organ tuner and a few other people hadn't been there, I might have taken a few photos of the windows but I didn't like to disturb the peace! I'm glad you said about the alignment, I thought it was just me! :-)