Saturday, 16 July 2016

Reading Museum


Queen Victoria was looking the other way when I got to Reading's flower-bedecked Town Hall/Museum.

The exhibition du jour was all about trains, beautifully laid out but I'd been on a train already that day.  I headed for the Huntley and Palmers Gallery and found some biscuits amongst the display of old biscuit tins, wooden puzzle ones.

A display called Journeys and Stories was inspiring. It was a collaborative project between women at a crossroads in their lives and women artists. Through seeing themselves included as part of the collected history of our times, the women explored their stories of survival as positive inspiration for their futures.  Pieces exhibited refer to the hidden stories and bring them into a public space. You can look into faces and see your own, hear their story and reflect that your story may be the key that unlicks someone else's prison. The artwork displayed was created during weekly sessions led by artists, learning new skills and exploring the museum. Partners in the project were Elizabeth FryApproved Premises, Reading Museum, MERL, Thames Valley Partnership, and Artists Christine Wilkinson, Carla Conte and Linda Mason.

To finish off our trip to the Museum, how about some Venetian glass.

Thanks for visiting.

Bye for now


  1. What a great exhibition, I was equally impressed with all the venetian glass, beautiful.

    1. There's always something different to see in this Museum, I love it but I bet all the shoppers don't even know it's there! The glass is so pretty isn't it.