Sunday, 3 July 2016

Myths and Legends


Welcome to the blog.

You join me at carnival time, not quite Rio, as on the stroke of 12 noon when the procession was due to set off along the route, the lightening lit up the sky, the thunder bellowed out and the rain came down in stair-rods! Never mind, we are British, we are used to it.

By the time the bagpipes could be heard by the crowd assembled by the Recreation Ground, the sun was out and everyone looked dry again.

The carnival princesses appeared followed by the band and then an ambulance needed to squeeze past to go up the hill in the opposite direction.

First prize went to this float by the CofE School.

Drummers and fire engines brought the procession to an end.

On the grass, in the boiling heat, stalls, singers and dancers entertained away.

The political parties of the area were fund raising, the Labour party giving away red balloons, the Liberals selling books for 50p.  They are all going to need to muster some support from somewhere!



  1. Oh I am glad you waited for the rain to go off rather than call it off. It looks like a great day out and worth the wait xx

    1. It was great fun, nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. x

  2. Replies
    1. There was a nice jolly atmosphere about the place. x