Thursday, 28 July 2016

Imperial War Museum of the North


Thanks for calling in.

Another interesting aluminium-clad building on the Salford Quays is the Imperial War Museum of the North (IWM) one of five Museums around the country connected under the IWM name. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, it opened to critical acclaim in 2002. It represents three interlocking shards - Earth, Air and Water, each representing a separate piece of a globe shattered by conflict. The building has been designed to be intentionally confusing and disorientating to communicate the unsettling effect of war.

Inside, the vast space contains a permanent collection, temporary exhibition space, café and shop. The walls of the main gallery are used to show an audio visual presentation every hour, whilst large items - tanks, harrier jump jet and other vehicles - are interspersed with areas exhibiting smaller more personal things.

Some of the displays were particularly striking, like this room of filing cabinets, each drawer containing details from one person's life with a photo projected to the underside.

This stylised room of Impressions of War.

This arch of cases representing the displacement of people due to war.

Photos of soldiers, reflected in the metal cladding.

A very interesting and thought provoking place.

Admission free.



  1. It is a wonderful museum isn't it? It's good that it is free admission too:)

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    2. Oops! I'm getting in a muddle with all the museum's I'm writing about! Yes it is all so well presented. :-)

  2. I have still never been to Manchester - must remedy that soon. This museum looks really interesting and imaginatively presented. I like the arch of cases. Thank you for taking me with you. Cathy x

    1. It is such a huge place, it takes a couple of visits to find your bearings! x