Monday, 11 July 2016

Caversham Court Gardens


I have a new favourite place to add to my other favourite places! Do come and have a look with me.

Caversham Court Gardens are right next to the Thames. The estate dates from the 11th Century and was gifted to the monks of Notley Abbey. For centuries it was home to lay people but in 1930 the house was demolished and the site became a public garden. There are some wonderful specimen trees, some hundreds of years old. I have only peeked in once before and didn't realise the extent of the garden so I am looking forward to going back through the seasons to see the changes.

Commemoration of the Battle of the Somme in 1916

A glorious spot for a cuppa!

The gazebo has been restored. The flag on top is a copy of the original from 1663.

The historical line gives details of events happening in the country on one side and in the estate on the other. Such a brilliant idea.

Some of the wonderful trees

The paving marks out the floor plan of the old house

Some of the specimen trees are: strawberry tree; black mulberry; Japanese pagoda tree; tulip tree; black walnut; cedar of Lebanon; gingko and sweet gum tree to name but a few.

On top of that, an outdoor production of A Midsummer Nights' Dream is playing there at the moment.

Loads of photos, I just couldn't resist!



  1. Looks a wonderful and interesting place, no wonder it has become a favourite. I bet 'A Midsummer Nights' Dream' would be magical there:)

    1. It's quite easy to get to as well. I'm looking forward to Autumn there with all those different trees. :-)

  2. Oh, this is lovely! I love the purple and yellow garden beside the house. A beautiful place to explore the day away. Thank you for sharing. x K

    1. That was particularly fantastic but is better in real life! There was a lovely long flower bed too but it wouldn't fit in the photo either! x