Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hotter Service


I've been very impressed today and thought I must tell you about it.

Before Christmas I bought some black leather shoes from Hotter, the shoe shop which was in a section of another shop.  They were very comfortable until I started to wear them in earnest and then found the back of shoe was a lot higher than usual and rubbed my heel when I zoomed around the village.

I tried to bend the back of the shoe to see if that would make any difference, I had to carry plasters around with me, all in all I was a bit fed up.  I thought I'd have a chat with the shop - an actual Hotter shop - to see if they could suggest something.  Would you believe it, even though I wasn't at the shop I had bought them, didn't have a receipt and had obviously worn them, they let me choose another pair as a replacement.  Isn't that excellent customer service.

Thank you Hotter.

Just zooming off again.

Bye for now


  1. That is excellent service. I hope you enjoy wearing your new pair which are a very pretty colour:)

    1. Thanks they are much more comfortable. I couldn't find any black ones I liked so thought I'd go all summery with pink! :-)