Sunday, 22 May 2016

Wellington Farm Shop


Thanks for visiting.

Stratfield Saye was the home of the 1st Duke of Wellington from 1818 following the Battle of Waterloo and has remained in the family ever since. You can visit the house on certain days during the summer but luckily there is a Farm Shop and café open every day. Local quality produce is available, here are a few photos to tempt you! More information is given on the website about the provenance of the food.

You will notice (Alison!!) that I succumbed to the apricot and apple frangipane as there didn't seem to be any cheese scones around. Totally yum!!

So much beautifully displayed, and no doubt delicious, produce.



  1. It looks like a lovely place to visit x

    1. It's right in the middle of nowhere but the café and shop were well patronised, people coming and going all morning. x

  2. Do you know what I'm most looking forward to .... English asparagus! You can't beat it, but maybe it's a bit early looking at the veggies? What a wonderful shop!
    Wren x

    1. You are quite right, I don't buy the imported asparagus, it's just not the same. x