Tuesday, 10 May 2016



Thanks for calling in.

Bracknell, originally designated a new town in 1949, is undergoing a change. The Lexicon is coming. It's a redevelopment of the town centre which has been on the cards for many, many years. Finally it is underway and will be opened next year. I thought I'd see how it was all going.

It's unrecognisable.  Even the Post Office has moved indoors. The shops that are pressing on through the chaos must have suffered and are no doubt looking forward to all the extra shoppers that will finally make Bracknell their shopping centre of choice next year.

 Bye for now.


  1. I remember that this has been "going to happen" for so many years now it is good to see it finally underway!

    1. They could do with sorting out the roads and roundabouts too. x

  2. My Grandparents lived in Bracknell, for a while, it's the sort of place we always seem to drive through (or should I say round, I seem to remember lots of roundabout!s) reminiscing about their time there. Obviously we should stop and check it out these days!
    Wren x

  3. Well don't go just yet as it's a right mess! South Hill Park is still lovely though. What a small world. x