Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Grey's Court Garden in May


I've taken you to Greys Court near Henley before, have a look here at three posts. A National Trust property with an interesting history - Lettice Knollys, wife of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and her family, the mother of Ian Fleming of 007 fame, the Stapletons, who made their fortune from Barbados sugar and the Brunners  all lived there.  It has a wonderful garden full of secret green doors to garden rooms all filled with beautiful plants. There's a white garden with a pond which had newts swimming about - too quick for me to photograph! Then there's the kitchen garden, the orchard, the rose garden, a meadow, a walled garden . . . well, there's just so much to enjoy.

Lady Brunner, granddaughter of actor/manager Sir Henry Irving, created a garden of tranquility from a virtually derelict garden in 1937.  In April, there's a bluebell wood and May is a good time to visit to see the spectacular wisteria which I have given its own post, but elsewhere there was a lot of colour.

Pretty pansies





Sometimes the tower pictured here is open so that you can climb up and enjoy the garden from above, not this time though which was a pity as I'm sure the wisteria would have looked fantastic!

Bridge over the ha ha

Ice house

There's a donkey wheel, a horse wheel, shop and café.

The cake du jour was a rhubarb and custard slice!



  1. That cake looks delicious especially on a sunny day. Another garden I need to add to my ever growing list. It looks beautiful. B x

    1. I think we'll have to go back again for the roses later and the bluebells next year. That's the beauty of gardens isn't it, they just keep getting better and better. x