Thursday, 26 May 2016

Garden Progress


How are you today?

Even though we only have a small amount of grass to mow, the container on the mower fills up very quickly now that there's been some rain and warmth.  I was hoping to let it grow so that the daisies and dandelions could shine and help the insects but there's too much grass and not enough flowers at the moment and it just looks untidy.

The tomatoes have been transplanted into growbags, the potatoes have been topped up with soil to the top of the compost bag and the little seedlings are getting bigger by the day. Down the woodland path, the rhododendrons are all purple surrounding the lily of the valley which seem to have spread all over the place.

Chilliwise, we've got a selection of red, green and black. The eucomis or pineapple lilies have started their alien journey upwards although one has had to go into part shade to straighten it up. Excitingly, the 'whites' look as if they are going to show us a flower soon and then we might be able to find out what they are!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.



  1. It all looks very productive, and the Lily of the Valley are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, I'm surprised how many plants there are dotted around the garden!