Sunday, 15 May 2016

An Unexpected Garden


Thanks for calling in, lovely that you could join me.

Mr CK and I have had a real treat today. Coffee on the terrace. Accompanied by home made biscuits. In a hotel. I know!

This particular hotel, Great Fosters, has a beautiful 50 acre garden open to the public.  It's always wonderful to find a new garden to visit especially when the biscuits are so tasty.

I've gone mad with the photos I'm afraid so here are some mosaics of the day. There were quite a few gardeners milling around which explains the impeccable topiary and neat planting. The Saxon moat dating from 500 AD on three sides had families of Canada geese drifting along with the view of a grass amphitheatre in the distance.

In a couple of months when the roses bloom, it will be glorious. You can't see all the garden in one go, there are hidden lakes and rooms of different coloured flowers to explore, there was even an artist painting.

The Tudor building is very impressive. Much of it was built no later than 1550 and remodeled in the 1600s, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I used it as a hunting lodge, various judges have lived there and it also became a lunatic asylum and may have been where George III stayed whilst undergoing treatment for his mental illness although this is not confirmed. Of course, I have just whizzed through its history, the house has seen many changes over the years.

Hopefully I will take even more photos of roses and biscuits next time we call in.