Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Waitrose Garden Power


Just in case you haven't seen Waitrose's free paper launching their Garden Power Campaign, here's a few of their ideas to do something productive with your garden or windowsill to help the natural world.

By small actions at home by many people, a big impact could be had on local flooding, declining species and even climate change.

The newspaper will have easy ideas from now until September showing how we can all help.

Sounds like a good idea.



  1. It's always nice to help the environment in every way possible, especially when you can do it at home :) xx K

  2. I picked the paper up at Waitrose in Ashbourne at the weekend. We do quite a bit already at home but it will be interesting to learn what more we can do:)

    1. It's just getting the message out there isn't it :-)

  3. Good old Waitrose! Our Ivy's gone wild and I'm delighted to read that's good for the environment, and we have a pond already... With a lily!! I love the sound of the insect mansion until I remembered it's be a good summer for our red-back spiders who are poisonous, so maybe I'll give that a miss and I love the idea of attracting bees but Mr Wren is highly allergic...I can't wait to read more of these, love the idea of people power 'turning back the tides!' Count me in!
    Wren x