Saturday, 9 April 2016

Out for a Walk


Thanks for all your messages and for calling in today.

I'm going to take you for a walk today, just around the local area, to make the most of a sunny morning. Time to stretch our legs.

Along the garden path . . .

and down the footpath, the heath opens up.

It's a bit boggy, luckily we have our boots on. Peering into the puddles, one pond skater can be seen.

My sunglasses are constantly on and off as the sun pops in and out.

There's the gate.

Our path is closed as the birds are nesting, back we have to go.

Down the wooded path which hovers over the bogginess . . .

Past the gorse bushes . . .

to the next gate.

Is there time to sit and ponder? No, too much to explore!

Through the next gate, we have to jump over the waterlogged patches.

Wobble, wobble, oops, careful.

Which way now?

Brand new leaves opening up.

Over the stile.

Finding more explosions of Spring.

Till we get home.

Ha ha not there, here.

In time to watch the Grand National, who will win the cup? Plastic of course!!



  1. What a fun post! You live in a wonderful part of the countryside. Just as well we had our wellies on. B x

    1. Definitely, it was so squelchy everywhere! x

  2. I love the gorse bushes - bet they smelled good! Thank you for our walk - time for a cup of tea now.
    Cathy x

    1. Good idea, the perfect end to the walk! x

  3. Your walk was great fun and wellies were definitely needed. We had a muddy walk yesterday too:)

    1. It's not going to dry out any time soon is it. :-)

  4. Oops it took me a while to find my wellies, what a great walk! Always lovely to see the darling buds of ... April!
    Hope you picked a winner at the Grand National!
    Wren x

    1. I think the horses could have done with wellies too! It was very wet. x